Cyclone Response with All Hands Volunteers

Puppy in the rain

Imagine you loose everything you have ever owned… Cyclone Winston destroyed the homes of 56.000 people and took 42 lives in Fiji. It was the strongest natural disaster ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere. But instead of despair and depression I discovered happiness and hospitality like nowhere else before. On Koro Island All Hands Volunteers…

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Planting Trees for Penguins with DOC

During my last volunteer project with the Department of Conservation (DOC) in Central Otago I cut trees, this time I planted them: For one weekend, me and nine other volunteers plus two DOC rangers pulled our weight to preserve the natural habitat of New Zealands native penguins in the Catlins, Southland. Creating penguin hangouts in the…

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Wilding Pine Control with DOC

doc rangers

After tramping through Nelson Lakes Nationalpark my sweat-inducing journey through New Zealands various wilderness continues. This time the Department of Conservation (DOC) introduces me and four other volunteers to New Zealands desert: Central Otago – Oteake Conservation Park in particular. It is the dryest region in the country by far. Read further and learn more….

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Erkenntnisse aus dem Stall

Im Rahmen des Projekts “Freiwillig am Bauernhof” vom Maschinenring Österreich habe ich diesen Sommer drei Wochen auf einem Bergbauernhof mit 46 Kühen und zwei Bauern verbracht. In dieser Zeit habe ich nicht nur hart gearbeitet, sondern auch viel nachgedacht. Meine Erkenntnisse habe ich in diesem Protokoll mitgeschrieben. Über Kommentare würde ich mich sehr freuen.  8. Juli…

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